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Creation of the forest-garden. Step 2: planting trees and shrubs

For the "design" of our forest-garden, we chose special fruit trees: in fact we wanted to favor local and ancient species: for this purpose we contacted a Florentine nurseryman specialized in "forgotten" and historical fruits of Tuscany, il Vivaio Belfiore. After long, fascinating discussions and several trips to Florence, we finally chose the trees and shrubs of our dreams ...

The planting work took place over several days, and everyone put their hands ... and their paws.

The one that Wonder Cécile holds at arm's length is a magnificent 5-year-old rowan tree. Among the other fruit trees planted are apricot trees, almond trees, pear trees but also jujube trees and azerol trees! In all about sixty trees and shrubs, on a plot of about 750 square meters.

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