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What animates us

    Create,  Protect, Transmit

For us, permaculture is much more than a method of designing sustainable systems: it's about our way of being in the world.


Integrating instead of separating, weaving mutually beneficial relationships, creating harmonious ecosystems: this is what we try to do. With humility, making mistakes and learning every day. but with passion and conviction.

The biosphere is a fragile and sublime ecosystem, trying to understand that everything in it is interconnected is a first step towards understanding Nature. The same goes for the interconnections between humans: as in all complex systems, the whole is more than the sum  of the parties.

We meet many people, with some we have common projects, with others we simply want to lend a hand to their projects. It is the beauty and joy of what are called "interconnections". 




Hosting Tüpa and Delphine with little Vera Xunu, participating in Tüpa's shamanic rituals and feeling their strength, serving as an intermediary between them and all the friends who came to meet them, translating the stories and life of the Guarani community into Italian: these are beautiful moments, which we hope to be able to repeat many, many times again...



To find out more about the Nhandereko Institute you can visit their website that we developed together:

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Together with our friend Antonella Verdiani we wanted to introduce the Italian public to the beautiful film by Cécile Faulhaber  "The Other Connection"

In the presence of Cécile, we organized 5 screenings in Italy, which attracted keen interest everywhere. Others will be organized in 2024.

The connection to ourselves, to others and to the community of living beings with whom we share the biosphere, this is what the school in the forest told by Cécile in Salt Spring teaches. A wonderful journey and a new starting point...

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